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Berndnaut Smilde

Oct 5th - Nov 4th 2007




After a four week residency at Stand Assembly Studios, Moot is pleased to announce Berndnaut Smilde’s first solo exhibition in the UK.

Interested in transitional spaces, Smilde’s new work challenges the relationship between the Moot gallery space and the Stand Assembly Studios by investigating the movement of materials, objects and people that travel in between the two spaces. Using imitation materials, Smilde creates spatial narratives in installation and sculpture which create parallels between reality and representation.

Berndnaut Smilde is an artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Recent exhibitions include; Re-iconisatie, Collectie Marcel, NP3, Groningen, NL; One; & the other painting, by Tim Chen Chuanxi, W139/basement, Amsterdam, NL; Focus & diversity, Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, NL; Your Live Is Now A Little Shorter, My House Projects, Derby, UK; She gave her hands to callosity, with Jeroen Brouwer, Medium Gallery, Groningen, NL; More, Kunstvlaai 6, Amsterdam, NL