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THE BATTLE OF FOREST HILLS |||||||||||||||||

Dec 14 to Jan 26 2006 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

INTERVIEW |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


Moot presents Gordon Dalton vs S Mark Gubb in "The Battle of Forest Hills"

15th Dec 2005 - 26th Jan 2006

Private view Wednesday 14 th December 6pm - 8pm.


Moot presents two solo shows locked in battle with each other. "The Battle of Forest Hills" pits Gordon Dalton (Cardiff) against local hero S Mark Gubb (Nottingham) as culmination of a year of ongoing tussles and collaboration between the two artists.

Dalton and Gubb were introduced a year ago on 14 th December, with people thinking they were brothers. Despite a height difference of 2ft, they shared the same unfortunate haircut, clothes and similar tastes in art, cinema and music.

Despite only meeting three times in person, this has resulted in visits to Grizedale Arts to write a horror movie; a cataclysmic radio show featuring a Memphis preacher and a one-eyed bishop called Bedwyr Williams; a UK skateboarding/art tournament and a broken leg.

This honeymoon period is now over. Their friendship has come to an end. It is time to fight for the ownership of their ideas. 'The Battle of Forest Hills' refers to various areas of Nottingham, the sneaker wars between Adidas and Nike; the birthplace of the Ramones as well as continuing the great creative battles of recent times such as George Galloway vs Christopher Hitchens; Aerosmith vs Run DMC; Ninetendo vs Playstation and King Tubby vs Mad Professor.

Let battle commence. There can only be one.