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Moot is pleased to present Jonty Lees

4th March - 16th April 2006

Private view Friday 3rd March 6pm-9pm

Moot is proud to offer London based artist Jonty Lees his first solo exhibition and the opportunity to make new work which explores new themes and ideas specifically for Moot.

Lees creates work that is informed by cycles, geometry, impatience, boredom and 90's raving. Lees reveals and records natural rhythm, pattern and loops through a process of manipulating and combining devices, machines and familiar materials.

Recent works include; ' Velodrome ', a banked cycle track constructed at Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall; 'Skimming Stones', a video of an inverted clay pigeon trap skimming stones across a lake and ' Spiral Drawing' , a limited edition record that plays middle to edge mimicking the action and sound of the artist drawing a spiral.