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Sean Edwards

It's not what we wanted but we'll settle

May 10th - June 8th 2008

Opening Friday 9th May 2008 6-8pm





Moot is pleased to announce the forthcoming solo exhibition by Sean Edwards in 'It's Not What We Wanted But We'll Settle'.This exhibition builds on Edwards' participation in Moot group exhibitions and the 'Moot Postcards Commissions 2007'

Working with sculpture, still and moving imagery, Sean Edwards uses a process of subtle adaptation and precise placement to realise potential of materials according to a deep-rooted aesthetic sensibility.

Responding to an inherent optimism that materials can become completed through gestural actions and restrained intervention, work is created that both exemplifies and satisfies sympathies towards surfaces, repetition and craftsmanship.

For this exhibition, Edwards' will be creating a new moving image work, 'Lap Steel' , examining the physical arrangements formed from the interplay between a musician and instrument, shot using 16mm film on location in Seattle, USA.

Recent exhibitions include ‘I am you’ and ‘I am you too’ with Giorgio Sadotti at Limoncello, London, ‘Took My Hands Off Your Eyes Too Soon’ curated by Ryan Gander at Tanya Bonakdar, NYC, ‘To be alert is to be decorative’, Ten Til Ten, Glasgow and Art:Concept, Paris, France (curated by Lindsey Hanlon).