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The Long Take

July 10th - August 3rd 2008

Justin Beal
Dave Bevan
Vanessa Billy
Simon and Tom Bloor
Tomas Chaffe
Karen Cunningham
Martijn int' Veld
Mark Harasimowicz
Jenny Hogarth & Kim Coleman
Brian Kennon
Jonty Lees
Sara MacKillop
Rachel Reupke
Dexter Sinister
Jack Strange

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‘The Long Take’ was a project where selected artists were invited to contribute artwork to create a previously undetermined document.

All work was faxed remotely by the artists and received by our gallery fax machine within a 3-week period. Work received printed directly onto a 30-meter paper roll, which was be left un-torn to form one continuous document, the length of which was determined by the amount of work sent by the artists.

The development of this document was available for public viewing in the gallery during opening times or by appointment.

To coincide with the final day of The Long Take, Moot hosted The Reading Room, a reading discussion group led by Jennie Syson as part of Hinterland (www.hinterlandprojects.com).

The group examined Stephen Perkins' text on 'Utopian Networks and Correspondence Identities', which looks at different forms of Mail Art, artists networks, communication, and propaganda. The event was puctuated with an accompanying slideshow of works relating to the text including images by Anna Banana, Pauline Smith, Ben Vautier and George Maciunas.

"The artist must realise also that he is part of a wider network, Ia Fête Permanente [Eternal Network] going on around him all the time in all parts of the world. We will advertise also, as alternative performances such things as private parties, weddings, divorces, lawcourts, funerals, factory works, trips around towns in buses, pro-Negro manifestations or anti-Vietnam ones, bars, churches, etc... " Robert Filliou, 1970.

To view the text visit: http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/atca/subjugated/two_5.htm