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October 4th - November 2nd 2008

Preview Friday 3rd Oct 6-8pm

Tomas Chaffe lives and works in Nottingham.   Having worked with Moot on a number of projects and group shows since 2006, including most recently The Long Take , this will form Chaffe's first solo show and Moot's first exhibition within it's new venue.

From the display of a miniature gallery encased in amber, Lithuanian Gold, 2008 , to the seamless installation of an additional gallery pillar within a group exhibition, Prop, 2007, the conception and production of Chaffe's work is defined by the physical situation and social engagement of the space in which it is presented.

Often through commissioning skilled labourers and craftspeople, works are created that are reductive and functional in appearance and that play upon the specifics of their end environment. Direct authorship over the work is often averted by the artist and frequently volunteers the audience to complete it such as in Temperature Rising , 2006 , where a digital thermometer was installed in a gallery wall displaying a fluctuating reading dependant on the number of visitors.

In this exhibition Moot are commissioning Chaffe to create an entirely new body of work that will significantly develop his current practice.

Nominated for Pilot:3 , 2007 and Beck's Futures , 2006 ; recent group exhibitions include: The Long Take, Moot , Nottingham ; The Store , Tulips & Roses , Vilnius, 2008; The Moment You Realise You Are Lost , Johann König, Berlin; Out Of Place , Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham; Prizewinners , Surface Gallery, Nottingham; Your Life Is Now A Little Shorter , Guildhall, Derby; Ariston , Moor Street St. Birmingham, 2007 and Just For One Day , Kadist Art Foundation , Paris, 2006.

Tomas Chaffe is also the co-founder of Via Vaudeville! with the artist Blue Firth, recent exhibitions as Via Vaudeville! include; Via Vaudeville!'s Folly , Wilford Village, Nottingham, 2008 (as part of a 2 year residency with Hinterland, www.hinterlandprojects.com); Extreme Crafts , CAC , Vilnius, Lithuania, 2007 ; May Event! , Nottingham, 2006 and The Trent Valley , Nottingham, 2006.

Special thanks to Nottingham Playhouse