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Since Moot opened in 2005 it has worked on an annual print project. In 2006 Moot produced the Moot Newspaper which was documentation of its first year's program, with a centrefold commission by Jonty Lees. In 2007 Moot produced the Moot Postcard Commissions where artists were asked to produce an artwork to adorn one of eight A5 postcards. Artist Sean Edwards was then asked to make a work that incorporated the reverse side of all the postcards assembled together. Artists involved : Sean Edwards, S Mark Gubb, Mark Harasimowicz, Andrew Palmer, Richard Paul, Mark Pearson, Lisa Ellen Riley and Elizabeth Rowe.

Moot's most recent publication The Long Take was formed between July and August 2008, 17 artists we're invited to contribute work to a 30m continous document via a fax machine.

If you would like to recieve any of our print publications please send an SAE of £0.78 for the Newspaper (20 x 29cm folded) and £0.78 (15 x 21cm/A5) for the Postcard Commissions, The Long Take is not for sale but can be viewed on request at the gallery.

Photography by Phil Jackson




Moot Postcard